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    Removing the brake mounts from the front hub. Brakes...we don’t need no stinking brakes. For those of you who think I know what I’m doing, boy have I got you fooled. One thing at a time.


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      I tried everything to get these reces out of the neck of this frame. Knocking it with a drift , heat, and cracking them. I just couldn’t get them out. Finally had to go with the last resort. I welded nuts to them and knocked the bottom one out. Flipped it over and did the same to the top. As I was knocking the top out I saw the bottom spacer move. Damn it!!!! I thought they were weld inside the neck. I could have hit that spacer and knocked them out this whole time. Well, lesson learned. So this is the plan with front end. Being an oil in frame the bearing swap kit won’t work. The neck is 1.8” ID and on the other frames it’s 2.1” ID. What I’m going to do is collar harly neck cups to press in this frame then I’m going to cut out stem of the triple tree and replace it with the added length I need. I’ll turn the new stem down and cut the treads on the lathe. I just need to get some round stock some time this week. I’ll practice a few threads before committing to the stem. I figure this would be the best method. 35mm lowers are cheap and so are neck cups. If I mess them up I can always get another. I can’t just run out and get another frame even though I did just that.


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        Remember that show “Build or Bust” with Russel Mitchel. The guys were always falling apart when it was time to lace the wheels. Damn, that’s how I felt tonight. Well at least that’s how I felt at first. Just a tip for those of u attempting lacing a wheel. Always start with the top row of spokes. This way you can move all the spokes underneath when u need to. I had to relearn that tonight. Once you get going you can lace it in 10 mins.
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          I always just send my hubs to Buchanan's and get my shit balanced when I have tires mounted. Tire mounting is $10 in the mountains so I'm not throwing money away.

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          I will be taking it in to get it mount and balance. I borrowed a truing stand over the weekend and got that all done. It looks real good side to side but has a bit of up down in it. I may mess with it more but more than likely Ill call it good.
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        Got these in place. It is exactly 1” taller than harley. Now I need to make a new stem to replace the old. Weld it in place and the front should be ready.
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          no real progress in a while. I made a new stem for my lower tree but I couldnt thread it at home since I dont have the tooling. I asked a guy a work to thread it for me but as he was threading it the tooling jumped and messed the piece up. We could have just removed the first 1/4" of threads but he took it out of the machine. I got a new piece cut and ready to go. Hopefully I will have it by the end of the week. Then I need to get an OIF tank to build my fork stops. I think that will end the frontend. I cant believe I have spent that much time on just the front 1/4 of the bike. I dont think this thing will be done by Giddy Up like I was planning. Guess I will just take the shovel again.