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    Decided that I needed to make an actual sissy bar. The one I had on was to thin and I shaped it over my knee. I went down to the local welding supply shop in my town and found out they were keeping all the goods in the back! I picked up a piece of 1/2 inch or so solid bar. (Keep in mind, I’m no fabricator!) I had a design in mind on how I wanted the bends, but no way to make them correctly. I called up Kgi4x4 and we got to work. Kevs got some knowledge stored in the back that head of his. With some proper tools and heat, we (he) got it bent into shape. Getting it mounted was the easy part. My welding was the hard part. Wire speed too high, power to low, and maybe an hour of welding time under my belt. I had a friend over while welding and he asked if I thought it would hold. I grabbed a body hammer and smacked the shit outa it. “Works!” I exclaimed! After cleaning it up a little I stepped back to look at it. Fuck, looked pretty good for not measuring anything. Oh yea, a friend and I have a saying. If you construct anything without proper measuring, we call that “church st. style” and i mean no tape measure in sight!
    Now I wanted something different to go along with my cookie cutter shape. There’s all kinds of different sissy bars out there. Some look good, some are questionable. I wanted something personal that nobody else had seen. So, I started digging through the mind. Nobody can see inside my mind so I figured that’s the best place to look! I remember always seeing this entryway to an angus ranch tucked away in the golden hills of California. Of course I couldn’t just use someone’s brand, but I liked the design. So with some influence from that cattle brand and with what pieces I had layin around, I came up with my design.
    No paint yet. Not sure if I’m gonna paint it. I also made a gas “bag” to strap to the back. Just some leather I cut with a castrating knive and then drilled out some holes and used 1/4 pop rivets to hold it all together. All in all, I think I like it. It’s crappy, raw, and authentic. And it’ll hold some shit!

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      Home built is best built. Nice job.

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    Finished up nicely!


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      looks good!


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        Well done pardner.
        Biscuits and gravy.


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          shucks,... thanks fellas. Im working on getting some proper tools and making a few to sell at swap meets. Chico show/swap for ISHI is may 22nd i believe. anyone in the area should go. there is always some nice early teen bikes there!