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Stock Bikes Are Cool Too........

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  • Stock Bikes Are Cool Too........

    I own a stock Yamaha Bolt XS950. I added the tall sissy bar and passenger seat and foot pegs. I also cut the baffles out the exhaust, made it a little bit deeper.

    Click image for larger version

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    I like the Bolt. Looks good man. Does it use 1" bars ?


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      I wish it did! Its just a little smaller than 1".


      • Duhstee
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        Everything I saw online said the Bolt's bars were 1 inch. Which means we should try and put my old z-bars on there!!

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      I love the Bolts. I got to ride one and I'll say Id own one (if I wasn't so cheap). Ride and handle great with nice power.. People claim they're a sporty knockoff. I don't know and don't care...

      I've also ridden a new Yamaha xs400. Really cool retro little machine. Nice and solid, built like the old bikes. Pretty anemic though in my opinion. I've heard with tuning you can make them rip, but stock it was disappointing.


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        Also the Raiders are bad. Seriously move on out for a stocker. I really dig what Yamaha has been doing the last several years. But then I'm a jap bike guy...


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          Ahernandez119 rides the piss out of that Bolt! I think the Bolt is one of the best looking bikes Yamaha has put out lately.

          Now let's cut it up and make this!!!!


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            Ahernandez119 That's a tuff looking scoot !


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              The bolt seems to have quite a bit of aftermarket support for being a newer venture for Yamaha. That combined with their low price makes me surprised to not see more of them. I looked into them before I bought my sporty.


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                I was seriously considering getting a Bolt for my next bike. I have a vstar 950, same engine as the Bolt and I love that bike. Old reliable. But then I saw the Harley I bought and it was game over, haha