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  • We're baaaaaaaaaaack

    Sorry everyone for the technical difficulties that put the forum out of commision for a few days. We're not exactly the most computer savvy bastards you'll meet but we do our best. With that said, if any of you have internet tech experience and want to get involved in helping us keep this going, please comment or hit up one of the fist members. It'd be greatly appreciated. Until then, post the fuck away ๐Ÿ˜˜

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    I wonโ€™t lie I had withdrawals...


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      I have found you once again! All is well now.
      Biscuits and gravy.


      • #4 is still deader than a doornail. is working


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          The way i got in is by clicking the blue address at vivalacanntina Instagram, then added to bookmarks. Google doesn't evan show .us. im hooked on this sick place. Thank for keeping on fist.


          • TheBCB
            TheBCB commented
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            I did send you a message on Instagay with the correct address...

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          It'll take some time before the search engines pick the .us domain up. The original may never come back. When we started this whole thing, the worthless IT guy we had did a lot of weird shit that might make sense to a tech guru but for us working class gearheads, it's added cost with a lot of extra work and confusion. We're maintaining the core, a forum for guys to talk bikes and share their builds. The features and stories and so forth is not something we (The Fist) have enough time to do on our own. Since we haven't thus far been able to nail down consistant contributors or IT guys to generate that content and make sure it all works, we're going to stick to basics for the time being. We're glad the core members are finding their way back and hope you all continue to enjoy what's always been at the heart of this. Now I've got to quit fucking off and get back into splitting cases on an evo. ๐Ÿป