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Larosa saddle bags ..... fuck em

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  • Larosa saddle bags ..... fuck em

    So I bought this bag mid August , it’s been wet maybe twice and all the hardware is rusted and chrome is pealing off .. not much else to say but “buyer beware “

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    That sucks!!!


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      Arnt those the nice, but high price bags, the high enders? Made from the finest pakistani cows? Speaking of pakistan, I saw a youtube how they make those high dollor performance pipes. A guy squats in the dirt with a pair of hand nibblers, and a hammer, banging out a used 55 gallon drum. Then braising with aceteline torch. No googles, or shoes. Prity impressive.


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        Junk. High dollar junk.
        Biscuits and gravy.


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          I have some of there stuff and it seems alright. But they do charge a high price. I would be pissed of mine did that too. But it hasn’t. Looks like some cheap chrome. Their leather has always seemed like good quality fwiw.

          i would call them I think it’s not even a year old. Being on a motorcycle should imply weather resistance.


          • Fatkat
            Fatkat commented
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            Yea its around 3 months old ! The leather is fine its just the hardware , ive had one of their seats for years and love it but this is not sitting well with me , I’ve sent messages with no reply so far

          • motorhead_smf
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            Yea that’s some bullshit right there.