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    so... as I'm building this 75 fxe there are a lot of things that needs to be purchased. parts to be replaced or built and the tools to do the work... but that's all a part of the gig right.. I'm cool with that. and just like everyone else i have bills to pay and adult(blah) responsibilities(ugggghhhh).... so in between paychecks and saving money to fund the build i have a bunch of down time. where i don't feel particular productive. i feel stagnant which i loath. I'm sure some or all of you have experienced this... so my question is... what do you do in the down time to keep yourselves motivated. what tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve to deal with lack of money... or having to wait for a month to save up for that one tool you need...

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    I have multiple projects at different levels. Not because I'm rich or anything, that's just the way it happened.

    I also read a lot on the down times. It's spring so I have a lot of work on the ranch to keep me busy too.

    Reading is radical.

    Biscuits and gravy.


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      Oh, and tacos.
      Biscuits and gravy.


      • Dusty-Dave
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        Breakfast tacos and beer!

      • Hyrum
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        Fish Tacos are the best. Hated fish growing up but now there is no replacement.

      • PIG
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        Hyrum there's a joint a couple towns up called Handline, best fucking fish tacos I've ever had. All fresh shit, every little bit. A little money but I know a girl...

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      I think you just have to have other hobbies to fill that void. Me, I hunt, fish, mess with leather, and enjoy long walks on the beach.


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        I usually do research on the next thing. Though it usually makes for more “lack of $”!

        I had a bad case of lots of time and no $ last winter. So when I made $, i bought(or scored from scrap yard) lots of materials in preparation for this winter.

        When all else fails, I check the forum ever 10 mins!!!


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          The pursuit of poontang!! Its not working, I'm too old and ugly. They say one out a hundered, i have hit on 97, so my outlook is optimistic.


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            well... I've made a list of items that I can keep working on while I'm saving money for the next round of purchases... its long and distinguished... it includes a lot of sanding and prepping on the bike... oh and my favorite polishing more aluminum. I'm sure I'll see more items and other things that need work.