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How do YOU mount YOUR fuel tanks?

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  • How do YOU mount YOUR fuel tanks?

    Such a simple question but I obsess over everything... I plan on putting a shot ton of miles on this bike and wanna make sure the gas tank is the least of my worries. The tank I'm using has the old drill some holes and weld some bugs in the backbone, but there has to be a better way! Rubber mount, 2 vs 3 or 4? What's your favorite way? Click image for larger version

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    I did it that way on my 2 stroke chop. Ended up having to a a rubber grommet under and a pair of leather washers over. Though that bike is a study on vibrations! (87 Husky 500xc!!!) I figure if it works on that it should work on any.
    I used the stock barbell and grommet rubber mounts (stock sporty) on the rusty steed as well as the Honda. Takes all the worries out. Plus helps a tank save out should you take a departure from the road!!!


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      I've seen way to many tanks break the tabs when mounted that way to the back bone. I'd do at least 3 mounting tabs if your going to be putting alot of miles on it. Nothing worse than having to zip tie your tank on when you're hundreds of miles from home!!


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        Fuck. Too late
        Posts while cruisin....